ManualMaster’s document management software – automated document consistency and tracking


For over 15 years, ManualMaster, a leading Dutch company specializing in document management solutions, has been our valued customer and a trusted partner in innovation. As a pioneer in the field, ManualMaster has utilized our cutting-edge solutions to revolutionize their document organization processes, collaboration across various departments and quality learning. The below case study showcases our cooperation on document management software.


With the increasing number of contracts, reports, and certificates, maintaining consistency across documents is extremely crucial. Changes in variable elements such as definitions, names, addresses or weblinks necessitate updates across numerous files, leading to potential errors and the process of managing documents created in different formats can be labor-intensive and prone to oversight. That is why our client came up with an idea to automate the revisions and integrate changes into documents while maintaining real-time consistency.


Our team proposed a comprehensive solution leveraging custom plugins for Word, Excel, and Visio, enabling users to embed dynamic variable elements directly into their documents. These plugins facilitate seamless integration of variables into the document's content, ensuring accuracy and consistency. Additionally, the solution extended to web browser-based documents, allowing users to access the latest versions while viewing online content.

Key Features

1. Custom Plugins: Developed plugins for Word, Excel, and Visio that enable users to insert dynamic variable objects into their documents effortlessly.

2. Variables Management System: Implemented a centralized system for managing data, allowing administrators to create, modify, and archive variables as needed.

3. Real-time Consistency Checks: Enabled automatic detection of document inconsistencies when variables are updated, providing users with options for automated or manual resolution.

4. Browser Integration: Integrated the solution with web browsers to display updated variables in real-time while reading online documents.


Our team collaborated closely with the client to understand the specific requirements and workflow processes of the users. We conducted thorough testing to ensure seamless integration of the plugins with existing software environments and compatibility across different document formats.


The outcome was the creation of ManualMaster document management software. The software has yielded numerous benefits, including the elimination of manual updates and associated errors, enhanced consistency, and accuracy of terminology across all documents, improved visibility, and accessibility of data, and streamlined collaboration among teams. With ManualMaster document management, users can confidently work with the latest version of variables, saving time and resources while ensuring uniformity across all documents.