Certifeye - certificate management

Introduction - Certifeye

Our Dutch client - Certifeye stands at the forefront of modernizing certificate management with its cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, offering a streamlined solution for businesses to request, manage, and exchange certificates effortlessly. This comprehensive case study explains the features and benefits of Certifeye, showcasing its impact on businesses across various industries.


The challenge in this case study revolves around the traditional and often cumbersome methods of verifying certificate compliance (for example: Global G.A.P., Fairtrade, ISO) or other criteria required by specific business such as adhering codes of conduct or measuring carbon footprint. These challenges are faced by businesses in many industries but are especially clear in agriculture, pharmacy, and food processing. Before the creation of Certifeye, companies struggled with administrative burden of verifying certification of their business contacts. This task is compounded by the fact that the certificates are not always limited to the direct supplier but also extend to the subcontractors and their activities. Managing these tasks manually in Excel sheets proved to be time-consuming and error prone. This approach made it difficult to ensure compliance for all suppliers and track their certificate validity effectively. The inefficiencies and complexities of manual processes revealed the need for a certificate management system. Such an application should automate the workflow, provide centralized overview and real-time monitoring of companies and their documents as well as integrate seamlessly with other systems.

Screenshot showing the Certifeye Wallet certificate management dashboard

Solution - Certificate Management Software

Certifeye revolutionizes certificate management by providing a user-friendly platform for requesting and sharing certificates. It enables the certificates to come directly from the certified company or the certifying body issuing the document which guarantees the data validity. Its automated reminders and proactive renewal requests simplify administrative process, eliminating the need for contacts to have a Certifeye account and to uploads the renewed certificates manually. Additionally, Certifeye offers a customizable overview of suppliers and requirements towards them to monitor compliance effortlessly. The platform also facilitates vendor assessments through digital questionnaires, streamlining assessment processes and ensuring thorough compliance checks. Moreover, Certifeye enables the seamless offering of obtained certificates within its network, keeping all connected companies informed and up to date with one-click updates.

Technologies - Yumasoft Software Development

Certifeye is developed using technologies to ensure a robust and intuitive platform. The frontend utilizes Angular with DevExtreme for a responsive and user-friendly interface. The backend API is built on the .Net Framework and hosted on Azure Cloud, providing scalability, security, and reliability.


Certifeye's development focused on user experience and functionality, leveraging advanced technologies for optimal performance. The implementation involved close collaboration with clients to understand their specific needs and workflow processes. Thorough testing ensured the platform's reliability and effectiveness across diverse environments.


Since implementing Certifeye, businesses have experienced significant improvements in certificate management processes. The platform's intuitive interface, automated reminders, and comprehensive overview have led to enhanced efficiency, reduced errors, and improved compliance management. With Certifeye, businesses can confidently manage certificate-related tasks and ensure seamless communication with their contacts.